Apr 11, 2010

Get Through GFW on Mac OS X Using IPv6

In my previous post, I explained how to get through the GFW on Mac OS X using Tor. Unfortunately, it seems that Tor has been banned by GFW in recently months. However, some blog posts and mailing list claims that GFW has not been able to filter IPv6 packets. So I resorted to the IPv6 tunneling protocol, Teredo. A well known software implementation of Teredo on Linux and BSD is Miredo. Thanks to darco, who recently ported Miredo to Mac OS X, in particular, 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 with 32-bit kernel. You can drop by darco's Miredo for Mac OS X page or just download the universal installer directly. After download, click to install, and IPv6 tunneling via IPv4 is setup on your Mac.

Before you can use IPv6 to get through the GFW, you need to know IPv6 addresses of the sites you want to visit. You must add these addresses into your /etc/hosts file, so the Web browser has no need to resolve the addresses via IPv4 (which is under monitoring by GFW). This Google Doc contains IPv6 addresses to most Google services (including Youtube).

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