Oct 20, 2009

C++ digraphs and additional keywords

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A digraph is a keyword or combination of keys that lets you produce a character that is not available on all keyboards.

The digraph key combinations are:

Key Combination Character Produced
<% {
%> }
<: [
:> ]
%% #

Additional keywords, valid in C++ programs only, are:

Keyword Character Produced
bitand &
and &&
bitor |
or ||
xor ^
compl ~
and_eq &=
or_eq |=
xor_eq ^=
not !
not_eq !=

Oct 1, 2009

To Make Firefox Display PDF on Mac OS X

On Windows, we can simply install Adobe Reader and Firefox will be able to find PDF plugin. However, on Mac OS X, we need to install the PDF Browser Plugin from Schubert|it.