May 27, 2009

To Get Forward (Alt-f), Backward (Alt-b) and Delete (Alt-d) Word Works for iTerm

  1. Open iTerm.
  2. Go to Bookmarks > Manage Profiles
  3. Choose Keyboard Profiles on the left and edit the Global Profile
  4. Next to Mapping, click the + sign.
  5. For Key, choose hex code.
  6. In the text box next to hex code, enter 0x62 for b, 0x64 for d or 0x66 for f.
    Note that 0x62, 0x64 and 0x66 are ASCII codes for characters b, d, and f respectively.
  7. For Modifier, check the Option Box
  8. For Action, choose send escape sequence.
  9. Write b, d or f in the input field.
Now Alt-f will jump forward a word, Alt-b jumps backwards a word, and Alt-d deletes a word.