Apr 19, 2010

Running Hadoop on Mac OS X (Single Node)

I installed Hadoop, built its C++ components, and built and ran Pipes programs on my iMac running Snow Leopard.

Installation and Configuration

Basically, I followed Michael G. Noll's guide, Running Hadoop On Ubuntu Linux (Single-Node Cluster), with two things different from the guide.

In Mac OS X, we need to choose to use Sun's JVM. This can be done using System Preference. Then In both .bash_profile and $HADOOP_HOME/conf/hadoop-env.sh, set the JAVA_HOME environment variable:
export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home

I did not create special account for running Hadoop. (I should, for security reasons, but I am lazy and my iMac is only for personal development, but not real computing...) So, I need to chmod a+rwx /tmp/hadoop-yiwang, where yiwang is my account name, as well what ${user.name} refers to in core-site.xml.

After finishing installation and configuration, we should be able to start all Hadoop services, build and run Hadoop Java programs, and monitor their activities.

Building C++ Components

Because I do nothing about Java, I write Hadoop programs using Pipes. The following steps build Pipes C++ library in Mac OS X:
  1. Install XCode and open a terminal window
  2. cd $HADOOP_HOME/src/c++/utils
  3. ./configure
  4. make install
  5. cd $HADOOP_HOME/src/c++/pipes
  6. ./configure
  7. make install
Note that you must build utils before pipes.

Build and Run Pipes Programs

The following command shows how to link to Pipes libraries:
g++ -o wordcount wordcount.cc \
-I${HADOOP_HOME}/src/c++/install/include \
-L${HADOOP_HOME}/src/c++/install/lib \
-lhadooputils -lhadooppipes -lpthread
To run the program, we need a configuration file, as shown by Apache Hadoop Wiki page.

Build libHDFS

There are some bugs in libHDFS of Apache Hadoop 0.20.2, but it is easy to fix them:
cd hadoop-0.20.2/src/c++/libhdfs
Remove #include "error.h" from hdfsJniHelper.c
Remove -Dsize_t=unsigned int from Makefile
cp hdfs.h ../install/include/hadoop
cp libhdfs.so ../install/lib
Since Mac OS X uses DYLD to mange shared libraries, you need to specify the directory holding libhdfs.so using environment variable DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. (LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not work.):
You might want to add above line into your shell configure file (e.g., ~/.bash_profile).


Joe Buck said...

Great post, very clear instructions. Thank you very much.

One comment:
Should this line towards the end of your instructions:

Remove #include from hdfsJniHelper.c

look like this:

Remove #include "error.h" from hdfsJniHelper.c

or something along those lines?

Yi Wang said...

@Joe Buck: Thanks for the comment. Updated. :-)

Aparna said...

I was trying to install libhdfs. It is created successfully using your procedure but program gives error of "libhdfs.so.0" not found. I have added path for folder containing library in both library ahe include. It is not giving any syntax error when I use functions associated with it but it gives run time error.

I am using Ubuntu OS.

Also I have executed a cmd for environment variable. I am not sure in which file I should I add line.

Can nay one help me with this.


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