Mar 27, 2010

Customizing Mac OS X 10.6 For a Linux User

I have been a Linux user for years, and changed to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in recent months. Here follows things I've done for Snow Leopard to make it suit for my work habits.
  • Emacs.
    I prefer Aquamacs version 20.1preview5 than the stable version 19.x when I wrote this post. Aquamacs has many useful Emacs plugins packed already, including AUCTeX for LaTeX editing.
  • PdfTk.
    Under Unix, Emacs/AUCTeX invokes pdf2dsc (a component in the pdftk package) to do inline preview in PDFLaTeX mode. Under Mac OS X, thanks to Frédéric Wenzel, who created a DMG of PdfTk for us.
  • LaTeX/PDF Preview.
    There is a free PDF viewer, Skim, under Mac OS X, which works like the ActiveDVI Viewer under Linux, but displays PDF files instead of DVI. Whenever you edit your LaTeX source and recompile, Skim will update automatically what it is displaying.
  • Terminal.
    As many others, I use iTerm. To support bash shortcut keys like Alt-f/b/d, you need to customize iTerm as suggested by many Google search results. In particular, remember to select "High interception priority" when you do such customization for iTerm under Snow Leopard.

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